Night Watchman Tour

Private night watchman tour - Rothenburg o. d. T.

The walk with the night watchman is one of the highlights in Rothenburg odT. Sometimes, 100 and more people show up to the public tour at 8:00 pm. Why not book your private night watchman?

We start the tour from anywhere inside and around the walled city.

As the name tells you, a night watchman works at night. We are a bit more flexible and also offer this tour earlier during the dark season (November-March). But never if we need sun glasses.
Best time for this tour is anytime between dusk and 10:00 pm.

Impressions of Rothenburg odT.

Walking Tour Details

Tour name: Night watchman tour
Duration: 1 - 1.5 hours
Price: from 150,- (in 2019) up to 20 person / 21-50 person + 5,- Euro per person
Groupe size: 1 - 50
Language: German; English

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