Nuremberg Day Tour

Nuremberg congress hall

During the Middle Ages, Nuremberg was one of the most important places in Germany and still is Franconia's biggest city and number two in Bavaria. A fascinating old town, gothic churches, the Nazi Party Rally Site with an excellent historic documentation center and great museums are just a few highlights of this city. And - important for beer drinkers - the area around Nuremberg (Franconian Switzerland) is the center of German beer production.

Distance (one way) 90 - 120 km / 55 - 75 miles
Approx. driving time (one way) 1 - 1.5 hours
Sights Historical center, Nazi Party Rally Site, Nuremberg Trail museum, Duerer house, German National Museum
Note many options in Nuremberg + possible sight stops on the way
Price: from 85,- Euro per person (max. 6 person)
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