Munich Day Tour

Bavaria's capital is one of the most interesting and charming cities in Germany - especially during the summer. Discover the (relaxing) Bavarian way of life while spending an afternoon in one of the great beer gardens. But Munich is also a high tech centre - among our big cities, it has the lowest unemployment rate. The biggest event is every year in September - Oktoberfest time (yes, it's true, it always starts in late September) the biggest party in Germany and biggest beer fest in the world. But there is more to do than just drinking beer - Munich houses fantastic museums (art, history, science), interesting buildings like the city hall at Marienplatz (Mary's square) and castles such as Nymphenburg or the Residence.

Distance (one way) approx. 250 km / 155 miles
Approx. driving time (one way) 2.5 - 3 hours
Sights BMW, FC Bayern München, Oktoberfest, Hofbrauhaus, English Garden, Pinakothek, etc.
Note there are 100 and more options in Munich. So we recommend an early start.
Price: from 115,- Euro per person (max. 6 person)
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