TooT Theme Tour - WW II

Tour Summary

Nazi Germany = the "Third Reich" is the darkest part in our history. Possible destinations: Eagle's Nest at Obersalzberg in the Bavarian Alps (Hitlers home and headquarters), Dachau concentration camp just outside of Munich (which served as a model for all other concentrations camp), the Nazi party rally grounds (with some of the largest structures remaining of this time) and the place of justice where the Nuremberg Trails took place in order to understand what happened in Germany from 1933 to 1945.

TooT Theme Tour Information

Places to go: Nuremberg (Nazi party rally grounds , Nuremberg Trails) - Berlin - Berchtesgaden (Eagels Nest) - Concentration camps (Dachau and others)
Time to spend: From 2 hours to 0.5 day - in Nuremberg up to a day if it is not too much
Things to do: There are many excellent documentation centers and museums
Good to know: Eagels Nest is only open in summer. The information center at Obersalzberg is open year-round
What´s next: We recommend to enjoy the beautiful countryside after such heavy stuff
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