TooT Theme Tour - German Cars & Engineering

Tour Summary

Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart

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BMW - AUDI - MERCEDES - PORSCHE & Steiff Teddy bears
All those famous companies have their headquarters in Bavaria or Baden-Württemberg. They all have excellent museums and impressive modern architecture. There is also the chance to rent cars to go for a short ride. What would Germany be without our car industry. From the very beginning, when the first cars in the world were driving on German roads, to today’s high end vehicles, it is an interesting story. But German engineers do not just develop cars. Think of the air ships by Mr. Zeppelin like the huge Hindenburg. Besides that, the impressive plants of the steel and mining industry are fascinating, since the heavy industry was the reason for the German economic miracle after the war.
Or go for something completely different like Cuckoo Clocks and Steiff Teddy bears. German cars & engineering is a wide subject and a perfect TooT theme for tours which can be easily worked into your personal tour itinerary.

TooT Theme Tour Information

Places to go: Munich (BMW) - Stuttgart (Mercedes + Porsche) - Ingolstadt (Audi) - Lake Constance (Zeppelin) - etc.
Time to spend: From 2 hours to 0.5 day - or even a whole day if you would like to rent a car for a couple of hours
Things to do: Visit the museums - do a factory tour - shopping
Good to know: While the museums open most of the time, it is usually necessary to book factory tours a long time in advance
What´s next: A nice meal - shopping - sight seeing or simply everything what urban area offers
For more information: send us a TooT theme tour inquiry