TooT Theme Tour - Genealogy

Tour Summary

Trace your own history!
Heinz Ketchup - Levis Jeans and the Waldorf Astoria have something in common. The company founders origin from Germany. And there are many more who emigrated from Germany.
Maybe you want to use your vacation to visit the area or town your ancestors have lived in. We can support you in talking to locals to learn more about the places where your forefathers came from. To visit a country on the roots of your family, it is the most personal and individual way to travel and maybe you are even able to find some relatives you didn’t know of before.

TooT Theme Tour Information

Places to go: You tell us
Time to spend: Whatever it takes
Things to do: We call it treasure hunt
Good to know: We cannot do the research for you. But support you while you are on tour
What´s next: Check out the sights your ancestors have built or visited
For more information: send us a TooT theme tour inquiry