TooT Theme Tour - Christmas Markets

Tour Summary

Within the last 4 weeks before Christmas, basically every sizeable German city has an outdoor Christmas market, some of them, i.e. Nuremberg or Rothenburg with a tradition of over 5 centuries. Beautifully decorated stands, traditional handcrafted items and the scent of mulled wine and ginger bread in your nose are the perfect attunement for the fest. And if you don´t want to wait for the next advent, the "Christmas Village" in Rothenburg, a great indoor Christmas market, is open all year. By the way, many of the Christmas customs, like for example the decorated tree are coming from Germany, so it is worth to visit the German Christmas museum as well.

TooT Theme Tour Information

Places to go: Christmas Museum and shop in Rothenburg all through the year. Or in December any other German city
Time to spend: Until you get cold. Usually 2-3 hours
Things to do: You can shop - eat & drink - take pictures and enjoy the atmosphere
Good to know: Low temperatures, snow, ice, rain. All this comes usually with it
What´s next: Any inside activity. Usually the two "M". Museums & meals or we take you to the next Christmas market
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