Private walking tour

Rothenburg is a open history book for those who can read it. We can and love to show you the sights on a private guided walking tour.

No matter if you just like a short glance of the highlights or detailed information about certain subjects.
No matter if you like an one hour tour or a 8 hour local escort.

As professional city guides of Rothenburg for 20 + years we provide it.

You can start this tour when ever you like. We offer it the whole day and start where you want us to meet within the historical center of Rothenburg.

Do you like specials?
We offer a lot more than just regular walking tours.

Walking tour details

Tour name: regular city walking tour
Duration: minimum 1 hour / up to 8 hours
Price: from 90,- Euro (in 2014)
Groupe size: 1 - 30
Language: English; German; Spanish; French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese
Secial: Historical guides (only English & German) + 20,- Euro

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