Sights around Rothenburg

Day trip around Rothenburg

Hohenlohe is a plateau with deep river valleys - not to much industry and still agriculturally dominated. The most important city is the medieval jewel Schwaebisch Hall. The most interesting point for tourists is the huge number of historic castles in a beautiful landscape along the Castle Road from Heidelberg to Nuremberg -

Distance (round trip) 100 - 300 km / 60 - 190 miles
Approx. driving time (round trip) 1 - 3.5 hours
Sights Schwäbisch Hall, Dinkelsbuehl, Romantic Road, castles, farmer markets, etc.
Note we offer this also as a half day tour (4 hours)
Price: from 35,- Euro per person (half day / max. 7 person)
For more information: send us a day trip inquiry