Nuremberg day tour

Nuremberg congress hall

During the middle ages Nuremberg was on of the most important places in Germany and still is Franconia's biggest city and # 2 in Bavaria. A fascinating old town, gothic churches, the Nazi Party Rally Site with an excellent historic documentation and great museums are just a few highlights of this city. And - important for beer drinkers -

the area around Nuremberg is the centre of German beer production.

Distance (one way) 90 - 120 km / 55 - 75 miles
Approx. driving time (one way) 1 - 1.5 hours
Sights Historical center, Nazi Party Rally Site, Nuremberg Trail museum, Duerrer house, German National Museum
Note many options in Nuremberg + possible sights stops on the way
Price: from 60,- Euro per person (max. 7 person)
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