Beer vs. Wine in Franconia

Franconia beer or wine day trip

Franconian beer in Prague

Franconia is the centre of traditional brewing-craftsmanship in Germany. There are still more than 300 independent breweries in the small area between Nuremberg, Bamberg and Bayreuth. Your tour guide will know some good places if you feel like trying some decent brews. If you want to learn more about our famous drink you should consider doing our beer-tour. But even if you are not on a beer tour a brewery stop is a great supplement for your vacation in the north of Bavaria.

Distance (round trip) 100 - 250 km / 60 - 160 miles
Approx. driving time (round trip) 1 - 3 hours
Sights breweries, vineyards, winery, hops garden, castles, churches, impressive landscape
Note we offer this also as a half day tour (4 hours)
Price: from 35,- Euro per person (half day / max. 7 person)
For more information: send us a day trip inquiry