Palaces & Castles

Palace Herrenchiemsee

Germany in the heart of good old Europe is full of Palaces & Castles. Old castles - new castles / big palaces - small palaces. A perfect theme for your family vacation, honeymoon or if you are interested in a history tour. We can tailor you a tour with the focus on this holiday theme. No matter if you prefer castle ruines like Heidelberg castle, fairy tail castles like Neuschwanstein (the original Cinderella Castle of Disney) or a huge palace (Herrenchiemsee castle - a copy of Versaille castle) we fit that in your personal customized tour.

TooT theme tour information

Places to go: All over Germany. But the most famous are in the South of Germany and around Berlin
Time to spend: From 2 hours to 0.5 day
Things to do: Guided castle tours, walk the parks, often museums and nice places to have a meal or coffee.
Good to know: Limited opening times - often guided tours at certain times required if you want to go inside - usualy unheated, so often cold
What´s next: What ever you like. While you find castles all over Germany it is easy to mix with everything else.
For more information: send us a TooT theme tour inquiry