Luther & Reformation

Martin Luther has changed the world. He was born (1483) and dead (1546) in Eisleben. Most of his life he spend in the center of Germany. Important stations on his way where Wittenberg and the Wartburg Castle (Eisenach). See the place where he did published his Nintey-Five Theses and/or visit the room where Luther translated the New Testament into German.
This theme is a journey back to the late middle ages when the pope & church was still the main power in Europe. A time of massive changes. The printing press was invented by J. Gutenberg (1450, Mainz), Constantinople fell (1453), America was discoverd and with the Renaissance started a new time.
50 % of all German christians are today protestants. Martin Luther has changed the world and even more so our country. There is not realy any TooT tour without at least a little bit of Luther. But of course we can also put a focus on him and his interesting time.

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